How to Start Earning Passive Income in Your Business

Starting a business online can reward you with the freedom and the lifestyle that you truly envision for yourself.

But what happens when you have started your business and income has suddenly dried up?

Start researching your options!

No matter what stage you are in your online business you need to create some form of additional income!

This can take the form of creating passive income from your home with putting little to no effort in doing so.

earn passive income in your business

So what is this passive income?  It’s the extra income that you choose to earn passively when its not your main source of income.

If you have been to other websites, I am sure you might have noticed some AD that have caught your attention to check out a site or to even make a purchase.

The first thing I did was do my research to see what would work for my business, and I would encourage you to do the same. You do not want to be on the bandwagon of following and doing everything else base on what others are doing, without doing a Pros and cons on what will work for you and your business.

When I did my research on what I could use for passive income the first two that jumped out at  me was being an Amazon affiliate or join Google Adsense.

I was overwhelmed at first but I looked at my audience as well as services that I could offer.

From there I narrowed it down to see what I could commit to do to make some additional income without putting in much effort.

I chose to be an affiliate for stock photo sites, because I knew that in most cases when my clients came to me they would need images to create their branded memes and social media templates. I have seen in most cases that all they would just do if they had images were take them from Google.

This worked out to be a win-win for both my business and clients because in most cases I knew that some entrepreneurs might not have come equipped with having images to go with their templates to be designed.

Another option that I chose was educating my audience and prospective clients on how I became a virtual assistant as well as programs that they can learn to use in their business.

Some people who visited my site wanted to know how to start their virtual assistant business. I saw a trend of these questions coming more than once whenever I would get inquiries from my website.

What I started to do was respond by email and explain.That was not working out from me, so instead of answering this question over and over again I direct them to a link on how to start their virtual assistant business as well as how to hire a virtual assistant. Another win!

Look out for this!

There are many options to earn passive income without much effort online.

I would recommend that you do your research. If you are partnering with a company or individual make sure that you read over their terms.

If they suggest you use certain platforms and you can work with this, then by all means do your due diligence.  

If you decide to go the route of creating your own product on your website, make sure that you have a disclaimer in place so that people know that this is your product, as well as your terms for refund and things along that line.

Choose what works for you

Now that you know that you can make passive income from the comforts of your own home.

You must decide what will work for you and your business as well. So if you are a fashion blogger, promoting products and giving reviews might work for you and your business.

But if you are simply an entrepreneur that uses other platforms to run your business, you can also be an affiliate of these major companies so that whenever someone signs up under your unique link you will automatically earn a commission.

If you started to do your research and have started to promote your products or that of a company, you can promote how you choose by video, social media posting or simply a blog post on your website.

Which ever way you choose to promote make sure that you inform your audience that affiliate links are included. You do not want to run the risk on mis-informing your audience for promoting a direct service or product that would intentionally mislead them to click or buy.

I would love to know your thoughts on what you will start creating and earning for your passive income this month!

Talk soon.

Julian Palmer

Juli assists fashion-focused LadyPreneurs who craves virtual order in the backend of their business. Juli is the owner of JuliVAGlobal and specializes in Social media graphic designs, WordPress and Autoresponder Maintenance. Instagram: LinkedIn:

  1. These are some great ideas for passive income! I love being an affiliate for some of my favorite products or marketing tools. Amazon has been a key player as well.

  2. So true. There are indeed many ways to generate a passive income but time and effort is needed as well. One other affiliate network that can be used is clickbank. Nice article.

  3. I love that you are encouraging people not to just jump on the bandwagon! It’s such a great point to find something that works for you, but also makes sense for your audience. Without an audience, you definitely won’t make money!

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